A few words from a few happy customers.

James A.

Los Angeles

We use Wizard Wall for reminders, shopping lists, rules for games, organization and so much more. Fun and useful!

Arlene J.

Real Estate Developer

This stuff is going to put the whiteboards out of business

Benjamin T.


This stuff is awesome...It seems pretty high priced when you first see it, but the product pays for itself in the long run.

Alexander G.


Take it to my shared workspace, set it up, do my thing, roll it up, and take it home!!

Devon J.

Washington D.C.

This product is truly amazing and does exactly what it advertises. I have used it in product presentations and internal corporate planning. Many associates I have recommended it to have had the same experience. The versatility of Wizard Wall's other products are a big plus as well. Reusable, portable, durable and a real eye opener in the conference room....

Jeremy G.

White Plains, New York

Bought this to post in my dad’s room at rehab to help him remember the day, date and other pertinent things going on. Worked very well and we were able to remove it when he came home with no issues.

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