Wizard Wall®

The Wizard Wall® system is an innovative tool for presentations, brainstorming in meetings, and collaboration. Flexible and reusable, Wizard Wall® film turns any interior surface into a whiteboard or flipchart compatible with either dry-erase or permanent marker. An embedded electrostatic charge lets it cling to any interior surface and makes repositioning a snap. Wizard Wall® can be cut to any shape or size, rolled up for easy transport, and perfectly supports professionals and educators either at home or on the go.

Instant. Collaboration. Everywhere.®

What is Wizard Wall®?

The core of the Wizard Wall® patented technology, ClingZ® is an electrically charged polypropylene film which can be removed and repositioned on most interior surfaces without leaving any residue behind. With a stronger embedded charge that any competing product, it gives Wizard Wall® the strength and flexibility for any professional meeting or event.

Use on any Indoor Surface!

Versatility is the key to success in any professional or creative endeavor, and Wizard Wall® works where you need it, when you need it. Compatible with most interior surfaces, Wizard Wall® can be cut into any shape you can imagine, moved and repositioned as needed, and rolled up for when you’re on the go.

Your creativity and goals are boundless. You need tools that can keep up. Wizard Wall® is the answer.

Get Your Own

It may look like magic, but the results are real. If you spend a few moments with a Wizard Wall®, you’ll see just how powerful a tool it is. Whether you want to use it at your next conference or to let children explore their creativity without making a mess, there’s no limit to the uses of our dry erase surface. As powerful and flexible as your imagination, Wizard Wall® goes where you need it, when you need it. Order your own today

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For instant collaborations or on-the-go presentations, Wizard Wall® surpasses whiteboards and easel pads, everywhere and every time.

Wizard Wall® is tough, durable static cling film attaches to any interior surface, quickly and easily. Designed for use with either dry erase or permanent marker, Wizard Wall® sheets can be reattached and repositioned effortlessly and without damage or residue left on the host surface. This gives it the power to take the place of whiteboards, corkboards, chalkboards, or easel pads, giving you the flexibility you need in the workplace and beyond.

The secret behind Wizard Wall® is our patented ClingZ® film. The embedded electrostatic charge in this durable film allows Wizard Wall® to cling to any interior surface, over and over again. Flexible durable, Wizard Wall® goes where you need it, no matter what the job or task at hand.

The sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to use it at your next conference or to let children explore their creativity without making a mess, there’s no limit to the uses of our dry erase surface. It works like magic but the results are real. Order your Wizard Wall® today!

Wizard Wall® is a static cling film mobile platform that enables you to have a meeting virtually anywhere, anytime. Wizard Wall® is available in systems, easel pads, and kits.

Instant. Collaboration. Everywhere.®

Wizard Wall® comes in a portable kit containing a roll of cling film (30″ wide) that easily cuts sheets into custom lengths. Kits also contain permanent markers, a dry erase marker, and a dry eraser-everything you need for a meeting on-the-go.

Sheets cling to any indoor surface without the need for adhesives, tape or pins. You can write on it with either permanent or dry erase markers.

Wizard Wall® clings are easily repositioned, allowing you to move your work from one wall to another.

Bring your Wizard Wall® kit to a meeting or presentation, open it, unroll the Wizard Wall® film and cut to your desired length. Cling Wizard Wall® to any indoor surface to write on it. When done roll up your work, save it or ship it using the enclosed storage tubes.

Each kit includes a dry erase marker, a dry erase eraser and two permanent markers. The large Wizard Wall® kit has a storage area containing two 31″ x 3″ storage tubes.

Each Wizard Wall® kit includes a replaceable cartridge containing the 30 inches x 50 feet wide film that is easily dispensed and cut with the Wizard Wall® slide cutting system.
Wizard Wall® is an excellent collaboration, planning, and instruction tool.