Pop Up Training

A Refreshing, Energizing Pause—Not A Distraction

The concept is simple: Learning on-site in brief training sessions outside a cubicle, at a cafeteria table, or anywhere else around the office. These ad-hoc learning and instant collaboration events require affordable, mobile, and unobtrusive tools to be most effective. 

Wizard Wall whiteboard sheets are adhesive-free, and stick to any indoor surface using a static charge. A dispenser with tear-free slide cutter allows custom sizing. Simply snap the film onto a wall, window, or wherever you want your whiteboard to be, and you're ready to go! 

Clings To Any Dry Indoor Surface Using Static Charge
Effortless To Apply, Reposition, Remove & Reuse
Patented Tear-Free Slide Cutter For Custom Sizing
No Adhesive, No Surface Damage, No Residue
Use With A Dry Erase Or Permanent Marker
VOC-Free & 100% Recyclable
Made In The U.S.A
Easy To Take Wherever You Need It!