Our Story

Since 2009, Wizard Wall, Inc. has provided innovative solutions to the need for flipcharts and whiteboards all over the world. 100% made in the USA, we use the patented ClingZ® embedded static charge film to produce a re-usable writing and drawing surface that can be scaled to size, transported, and repositioned on any indoor surface to turn any room into a collaborative space. By turning this amazing and unique static film into a visual presentation product, Wizard Wall® allows customers across dozens of industries to communicate in an impactful and convenient manner.

About the founder and ceo

Our founder and CEO, Mike Fogarty, is an expert with over 25 years in the paper business. One day, he discovered the potential of charged film to revolutionize how we present information and communicate. This film was originally developed as a top-secret project of the U.S. Government to create pop-up “clean rooms” during the space race. Little did they know - the film could serve as a foundation for collaborative tools… Wizard Wall! Mike understood that if he could harness the technology in the right way, it would have universal applications in visual presentation. After getting exclusive rights to utilize this film as a basis for his products, Mike invented the portfolio of Wizard Wall products. Thus, Wizard Wall was born.

So where are we?

Based outside the nation’s capital in Alexandria, Virginia, Wizard Wall offers cost-effective solutions for visual communications in the public and private sectors. Users in government, military, education, corporate training, and dozens of other industries realize that there is no better way to record and share information for maximal impact. As an SBA certified small business, Wizard Wall punches well above its weight class with its patented, unique products.


Wizard Wall, Inc. is a conscientious and responsible manufacturer with an eye toward sustainability and responsible production. Wizard Wall film is eco-friendly – recyclable (#5 plastic) and scalable to specific work using its patented slide cutter to minimize waste and be most appropriate to the job at hand. Our vision and values as a responsible manufacturer is apparent in our products’ reusability and through elimination of wasteful one-use paper alternatives, such as flip charts and poster board.

Our Value

Wizard Wall brings users the ability to have “Instant. Collaboration. Everywhere®”. Find out today how Wizard Wall film can help your home or business become a creative, collaborative environment..