Wizard Wall - Permanent or Temporary?

Hi Zach Brody, director of marketing at wizard wall, one of the most frequently asked questions we get is whether wizard wall is permanent or temporary. We like to say it's in-between. If you have one space on your wall and that's the only place you ever want to collaborate and write notes, we may not be the product for you. We find that most people, especially upon learning about our product, realize that there are alternatives to whiteboards. They like to collaborate anywhere they want because you shouldn't have to choose between a wall and a whiteboard. You can have both! Now, back to the original question, we like to say Wizard Wall lasts a few weeks to a month, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter depending on how you use it. There are plenty of other videos where we explain how to make it last longer or shorter, but it's all personal preference. The systems are sold in long packs because its not made to last forever and it's recyclable! There are plenty of uses for it beyond just a white board, for example, we're filming this video series in the basement of our office building because it works anywhere! We like to say our product is long-term temporary but depends greatly on how you use it. However I can guarantee that you will find a ton of uses for it.