Wizard Wall® in Action

Which Wizard Wall® is for You?

From the classroom to the home to the workspace, Wizard Wall® gets its strength through versatility; Wizard Walls® goes where you need it. With so many potential uses and applications, we offer a number of different systems so that you can pick the ones that are right for you. While each system can be used in a number of ways, each has a unique set of features that are perfectly suited for specific environments.


Wizard Wall® Dry Erase Film Systems

Wizard Wall® dry erase film systems range in lengths from 25 feet to 40 feet, making them ideal for those who plan to utilize a lot of cling film. Wizard Wall® Dry-Erase Systems are ideal for any professional setting, classrooms, or the dorm room, as they can be placed against a long wall for memo taking, note leaving, and more. Systems contain the unique Wizard Wall® slide cutter for those who like variety and want to cut to custom sizes.

Wizard Wall® Kits

Wizard Wall® kits are designed for trainers, instructors, and others who are on the go. Bring your communication tools with you and never worry again about not having a flipchart or a whiteboard. For the home, the classroom or the workplace setting, or for those who are simply looking for a complete set of dry erase and dry erase accessories. Each dry erase film kit comes equipped with both dry erase contact paper and all of the accessories you’ll need, including dry erase markers and erasers.

Refill Rolls

Refill rolls are ideal for those who already utilize Wizard Wall® sheets on a regular basis – so much so that they simply need a refill! Refill rolls, available in a variety of lengths and colors, come in most handy in settings such as classrooms, the workplace, or the tutoring center.

Easel Pads

Easel pads come in handy in the group setting, such as in classrooms and in the workplace. Dry erase film easel pads are perfect for displaying notes or engaging in brainstorming sessions within a group. They’re easy to reposition, easy to erase, and leave no residue, making them the ideal way to take notes and think together, as a group! Wizard Wall® easel pads fit all standard flip chart easels. 

Precut Sheets

Precut sheets are a great option for the office and the home. Small in size, they are perfect for placing on your workstation, kitchen walls, or on the refrigerator as a method to create lists, leave messages, and more.